Optional Accessories

Micromotor (Belmont DA-700)
The DA-700 is a sealed, brushless micromotor. The micromotor has a Titanium body that is durable and lightweight. Operation is quiet and speed is from 2000-40000 rpm.

Micromotor (Bien Air MX)
MX is a brushless micromotor made by Bien Air, Switzerland. The rotation speed is 100-40,000 rpm at stable power. It features adjustable torque, auto-reverse auto-forward at low rotation speeds (100-5000 rpm).

Scaler (Belmont DA-150SL)
The DA-150SL scaler with fibre-optic light has a slim, lightweight handpiece for easy manipulation, with less wrist fatigue. The DA-150SL can be used as a scaler and for endodontic, periodontic and cavity preparation

Curing Light (Satelec Mini LED)
The Satelec Mini LED is a single LED curing light that generates up to 2,200 W/cm² at a spectrum range between 420-480 nm, making it compatible with most composites. Curing light does not produce harmful ultra violet or heat-generating infrared light. The Mini LED has three operation modes: Fast Mode, Pulse Mode and Ramping Mode.

seat rotation

Intra oral Camera (Sopro 717)
The Sopro 717 intra-oral camera captures highly detailed digital images for visual communications with patients. Say goodbye to blurred image capture with the 717s unique SoproTouch image capture feature. Advanced miniature LEDs illuminate targeted surfaces uniformly. Three imaging modes give practitioners the versatility to present extra-oral, intra-oral and close-up images to patients. The SoproShade cap isolates an individual patient tooth for imaging. After image capture, the tooth image is divided axially for side–by-side shade matching with reference standards.