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Quolis™ 5000
Delivery System

Position Everything Just Where You Need It

Quolis™ delivery systems are high-tech and are easy to operate. Chair positioning membrane switches and controls for electric options are fully integrated into the delivery head. Delivery systems are available in a variety of popular configurations.


with Cuspidor &
Vac Pac

with Cuspidor only

with Vac Pac only

without Vac Pac
or Cuspidor

   Delivery System
   with Swing mount
   Bel-Halo Light

qdu5371 qdu5471 qdu5871 qdu5671

   Delivery System
   with Swing-mount
   Quolis Light

qdu5370 qdu5470 qdu5870 qdu5670

   Delivery System

qdu5375 qdu5475 qdu5875 qdu5675

   Delivery System
   with Monitor Arm
   & Bracket

qdu5379 qdu5479 qdu5879 qdu5679

   Assistant's instruments
   and Cuspidors

qdu5300 qdu5400 qdu5800  

What's Included?

Doctor's Control with Swing Arm & J Box
  • large touchpad with a digital display
  • Integrated main control PCB
  • 3 handpiece automatic control
  • Individual pressure adjustment
  • 4 hole straight grey asepsis tubing with Midwest connector
  • Oil mist separator
  • 1 doctor syringe
  • Foot control for drive air
  • Stainless steel tray with non-slip pad
  • Balance arm with pneumatic brake
  • Junction box with utility package and transformer (14V/24V)
  • Umbilical duct hose (32”)
Cuspidor Section
  • Porcelain cuspidor with 180° rotation
  • Bowl Strainer (FALE80A0)
  • Cupfil by bottled water
  • Bowl flush by city water supply
  • Switches for cupfill and bowl flush on cuspidor bowl
  • Water and air outlet
Swing Arm with Dental Light
  • Three rotation axis at head
  • Colour temperature 5000K at 2600FTC
  • Intensity of 2600, 2000 and 740FTC
  • Touchless sensor switch for on/off and compositte mode
Assistant Instruments Arm
  • Touchpad for chair control
  • Height adjustment arm
  • Water and air outlet
  • Four Position holder
  • 1 Assistant Syringe, 1 HVE, 1 Saliva Ejector
  • Vacuum canister with disposable solids collector screen