Quolis delivery

Delivery System

The integration of compatible components for a unified operating system

Position in Dentistry is everything! The way you practice dentistry is the right Way. Belmont makes it possible. Maximum flexibility for the requirements for left and right hand dentistry. 3–pre-set programs place you and your patient in the proper position for comfort, efficiency, and production.

2 years warranty

Cuspidor Section
The Cuspidor is easily removed for daily cleaning and infection control and selecting city or bottled water is compatible with most disinfection solutions.

Handpiece Holder
Handpiece holders are positioned for easy access and return of the handpieces.

Operatory Light
A Clesta Light on a swing-arm can also be added to the system. – seeing in the light of day.

Assistant's Instrument Holder
A swivel instrument holder for precise positioning.


Chair activation using the optional touch-pad on the unit or the chair.