X-CALIBUR™ , Accommodating Your Individual Requirements

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with Cuspidor &
Vac Pac

with Cuspidor only

with Vac Pac only

without Vac Pac
or Cuspidor

Cuspidor with
Telearm Vac Pac


BDS-2500 BDS-2505 BDS-2510 BDS-2515 BDS-2520

Doctor's control

PMU with city/bottle water system

Cuspidor section

Assistant instruments arm with Syringe, HVE & SE

Dental light







Choose from the right

  • BDS-2535 Clesta light with curved light post
  • AL-511T Clesta light and BDS-0012 24" light post
  • AL-711M ECO-Sys light and BDS-0012 24" light post


  • FHAA03A0 Light post base assembly required for mounting all lights onto BDS-2520 Cuspidor


Swing Unit &
Light post

Swing Unit Only

Monitor Arm Add-on

Vac Pac

Monitor Arm


BDS-2570 BDS-2575 BDS-2589 BDS-0050 BDS-2590

Doctor's control

L-R swing arm with city/bottle water system

Swing arm with Light post

Rear mounted assistant instruments

Monitor swing arm




  • Order BDS-2589 monitor swing arm and FPMM monitor mount for attaching to BDS-2575 Delivery only.
  • For stand-alone monitor arm-without delivery, choose BDS-2590 with pivot assembly, chair adapter & FPMM monitor mount.


L-R Integrated in Cabinet

L-R duo Rear delivery

Rear Cabinet Vac Pac

Side Delivery


BDS-2561 BDS-2564 BDS-2571 BDS-2555

Doctor's control

Assistant instruments

Equipment Utility Centre


  • BDS-2561 Doctor's Control and Assistant's Instruments shown on a D-66 CM Cabinet.