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Simple Operation - Unparalleled Image Quality

  • Available without Cephalometric Arm
  • Single CCD sensor for Panoramic and Cephalometric functions

5 years warranty

Crisp Diagnostic and Unparalleled Image Quality Panoramic Adult 7sec. Panoramic Child 7sec.

Small focal point

Fast 7 second scan time
with lower radiation

State of the art CCD sensor

Panoramic Orthoradial 7sec.
Cephalometric Lateral 2.9sec. Cephalometric Frontal 3.2sec. Maxillary Sinus 8sec.
TMJ Frontal 6sec. TMJ Lateral 12sec. Tomography
(1 slice or 3 slices)

Easy, Intuitive, Simple Operation Cephalometric Lateral Cephalometric Frontal With only a few clicks of a mouse, you can change exposure settings

TWAIN compatibility

Fast image acquisition and transfer for rapid diagnosis

Easy and Accurate Positioning
Three bright laser beams make patient positioning extremely easy and accurate,under any lighting conditions.
Motorized Positioning Beams and Overhead
Movement of the positioning beams and the X-ray head height are motorized for optimum ease of positioning.
Optional Tomography Chinrest
Precise location of the tomographic slice(s) is simple with the special chinrest option. (required to use the Tomographic feature)