belray main

AC Intraoral X-Ray


Crystal clear digital or film diagnostic images - Plain and Simple

  • Programmed sub control
  • Digital Ready for any sensor
  • 70 kVp tube potential and 4mA, 7mA adjustability
  • Small 0.7mm focal spot for detailed images
  • Self Calibrating x-ray output
  • Self Diagnosing electronics
  • Rock Solid tubehead positioning
  • Wall mount, cabinet mount or optional pass-thru mount
  • Control module can be mounted on central power console or on a wall

 2 years warranty

Control Module

On a Wall or a Power Console
Control module can be installed on central power console or mounted on a wall


Coiled Wire Switch
Control module shown with optional coiled wire switch for remote activation

Long Cone
Advantage for paralleling film technique *see Phot-X II

BelSensor Plus
CMOS sensor with direct USB connection
High resolution - Low radiation